Partnership for America’s Children, a network of 56 state and community child-advocacy organizations in 44 states and the District of Columbia. These organizations are active representing children and their needs in communities and state capitols. They also recognize the critical role the federal government plays in the future of children.

The collective vision of these nonpartisan, multi-issue child advocacy organizations is to improve the lives of all children though public policies to ensure equity and diversity, child health, school readiness, school success, child safety and family stability and economic security.

The Partnership does so by strengthening organizational capacity of members through peer support and leadership and connections to resources; and engaging in collective efforts to deepen the level of impact of child advocacy within and across states.


The Partnership for America’s Children expects to seek federal IRC section 501-C-3 status before the end of November 2014.  In the interim, contributions may be made to the Child and Family Policy Center, a present 501-C-3 entity, for its charity-qualified work.  That work may include coordination help to the 501-C-3 members of the Partnership, as well as work to form it as a permanent coordinating umbrella.

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