Children and the 2016 Elections:
Voter Opinion Poll Presentation Webinar held on 8-11-2015

Click here to download
Slides for the Voter Opinion Poll Webinar held on 8-11-2015


Child-policy organizations worked within and across states to raise child policy to greater attention during the 2014 election season. Here are some of the materials Partnership members produced to support electoral education and advocacy in their states.


2014 Kids’ Election Center
Children First of Oregon’s election website uses data on child well-being to help constituents understand the issues creating barriers to opportunity for kids. The site offers fact sheets and interactive maps of child well-being by legislative district to help voters and media call on candidates to support real solutions for Oregon children and families struggling in the current economy.

Sandbox Party
Michigan’s Children is currently spearheading in election work in that state through its “Sandbox Party” efforts. The website is dedicated entirely to election advocacy between now and November. Interested people can also sign-up for weekly Sandbox Party bulletins to keep updated on Michigan Children’s election-specific work.

Securing America’s Future: Children and the 2014 Election
Child and Family Policy Center
This electoral education guide describes the major federal policies of concern to those with an interest in the well-being of America’s children. It is available for use or adaptation by child-advocacy organizations; contact Anne Discher for electronic files.

June 30, 2014 Webinar / Building Upon Voices Work in 2012 and Sharing Partnership Member Resources in 2014
Child and Family Policy Center

2014 Voter’s Guide: Questions to ask about the issues that matter
Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families

In addition, here is a wealth of resource materials – from voter’s guides to candidate questionnaires to issue briefs – state organizations produced for the 2012 elections.

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